December 16, 2011


So How do you Take a little Dough and make a big Impact ??? Wallpaper of course! Wallpaper has came along way its no longer your grandmas bright orange floral ( Which I would love) Or your mothers 1980's pink and black! Wallpaper can also be Super versitile It can be used in multiple applications. This is a Image of My 1970's curio Cabinet, I Just lined the back with a vintage wallpaer given to me by a friend but the best thing is she found it at a second hand store for pennys on the dollar!!!

Whales Scare me, but this Amazing whale wallpaper would be perfect for a kids room, Kids Rooms are the one places in the home its ok to go a little crazy and  this Wallpaper is perfect for that!

Another pretty great use for wallpaper is in the bathroom, Its easy to clean and can take the moisture, This Simple Detail is perfect for this small space it brings just the right amount of color and life to the room.

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