December 28, 2011

January Garden to do's:

  With January right around the corner its Time to make sure a few of those gardening to do's are done before it gets even colder!!!
   ( Here were Zone 4-7)

Feed those Birds:
    With there being few plants to chose from this time of yearthey need all the help they can get!

     Make sure to Mulch those things you want to come back next spring like Asparagus and rhubarb!

Clean Up:
   Remove any dead or injured or even over dense branches for trees and shrubs!

     Now that those tools wont be being used they needs to be stored, Be sure to remove any dirt left behind and store in a cool,dry place. You can even Rub a little linseed oil on before storing! 

And last of all Start planning that spring garden, I know i am!  

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