April 25, 2012


    I recently purchased a clematis vine that needs a home to grow on i don't want to just buy any old trellis thought since its going to be in the front yard I'm debating on just building one... So to get some ideas i set out on a search, heres a couple ideas...

This is the one that I'm Leaning towards, one because i like the modern clean lines and i because i think i can make this!

I like the modern craftsman design of these ones best thing is you can find them at Lowes pre-made!

Now I love this one i just don't know if it would go with the exterior design of the home!

April 20, 2012

DIY weedkiller

I like using thing i already have at home to do things it less expensive and this recipe is safer for the environment, i found this recipe in one of my favorite gardening books Garden Any were by Alys Fowler

All you need is:

4 Cups of vinegar
Half a cup of Salt
A couple Tbsp's of dish soap

Once the salt is completely dissolved you can either spray or wipe it on the leave of the weeds, now be careful can be deadly to surrounding plants. It also works best in sunny conditions.

April 18, 2012

Living Wall

This is my first attempt at a living wall i just used all old material i  had laying around the house.

I used a old picture frame i had in my shed for the frame. I covered the top in moss to keep moister in the soil and to hide the nylons hopefully the plants will fill in so i won't need it anymore.

Under the moss i used old nylons to keep the soil more in tacked, I used chicks and hen and 2 other typed of succulents i had from my garden.

I used some gardening mesh and a layer or phone book paper for the back. I'm going to cover the back with a plastic to keep the moister off the wall. I have to give the succulents a couple weeks to root before i hang it.

April 17, 2012

Sowing Seeds

I have finally begun sowing seeds indoors this season so far i have cabbage that will soon be transplanted out side and cilantro! I like reusing container these are planted in yogurt cups, Now not all seeds like to be sow inside some prefer to be sow direct in to the ground.
Here are a couple of examples.

 Directly in the ground:
Carrots, beets, & radish

Sow either in containers trays or directly in the ground:
 Lettuce,peas, beans,squash,zucchini & melons

Sow only in containers or trays:
Tomatoes,cucumbers, peppers, eggplant, onions and basil


April 16, 2012


  Now I'm on  a search to find the perfect size and type of molding for the exterior of our house, all i know is i want it to look some what craftsman and simple... So of course i have been searching online, theres so many options!

I Love this house!

Like the detail on the top of the molding and the beautiful craftsman door!

tarpapercrane.comCute! We have to do our pillar too and I think this is how were going to do it!

Like this one beacuse its a thick molding and super simple!

April 11, 2012


So we have finished painting the body of the house, greys are difficult!!! Some times the house looks grey and some times tan, either way its better then it started. I now just have to finish with adding the trim and painting the new shutters. Once i'm completely done i'll show you some before and afters.

Another Force bloom

I tried another option for more force blooms Its a great idea to do it through out the spring growing season with different shrubs and trees to bring  a little color to your home. This time i used a purple leaf plum shrub and a branch from my red bud tree.

There still at the early stages, not fully bloomed yet!

Beautiful pink flowers from the plum shrub.

April 9, 2012

Cross your fingers!

    For the next couple of days me and my dear friend Elise's are going to re-paint the exterior of my home, Were crossing our fingers we have never done this before! I'll have picture once were done if everything goes as planned!
Were using a light grey on the house its graceful gray by behr.
The Front doors going to be a mustard yellow with bright white trim.

April 3, 2012

April's Garden To Do's

Our dog Rex thinks he's momma!

1. Prepare your garden beds, with peat moss or compost.

2. Plant herbs.

3. Feed your lawn.

4. Begin mowing the lawn. 

5. Sow seeds out doors like lettuce, kale and cabbage.

6. Begin cleaning and prepare surfaces that need painting.