December 27, 2011

New Years..

Now that Christmas is over, Sadly... It 's time to start thinking about that new years party!!!

I love this dress, New Years Eve is the perfect day to wear a sparkly dress!

 Alright so  If your not into a huge sparkle dress, I love this pant outfit with the cropped Sparkle Blazer it has just the right amount of sparkle!

   Now if you throwing the party, I Love this cluster of clear Christmas ornaments, you can get them super cheap since its after Christmas and it looks beautiful it reminds me of a bottle of champagne!

    Another great and Simple Party Idea is to Use or Spray Paint Vases White or any other Festive color and find branchs outside or even part of that Christmas tree your not using anymore and add some sparkle to them!! I think that best think to do with a New Years eve party is Stick to a couple of colors Maybe black and white or White and Blue.. You don't want to go overboard, Or maybe you do it is New Years Eve!

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