March 30, 2012

Rainy Day

  Today and well all week has been a rainy day...and well its hard to look your best when your soaked to the bone but with a couple of these basic items your  one step closer!

This super cute raincoat is from Anthropologie, it comes in other colors too!!!

Free people umbrellas amazing!

I have and love these boots super comfy and fun, there Merona's I got mine from Target last season!

March 27, 2012


Today we brought home three new family members, there ducklings and there amazingly sweet! The yellow one is Opal the grey one is Chuck and the stripped on is Howard the duck.


In their new home for a couple of weeks!

Long Day!

March 26, 2012

Flower Show

  This weekend i went to the annual flower and garden show, While there i noticed they had a bonsai and orchid exhibit, they were all gorgeous! So I thought i might share some with you!

I thought this was cute a succulent bonsai!
They had a large selection of orchids all gorgeous!
Japanese maple tree bonsai, It was about 30 years old!

Natures amazing!

Japanese Maple tree again, They were teaching classes on bonsai's as well! This one was 20 yrs old!
Spider Orchid!

March 22, 2012

Force Blooming,

  A great way to bring fresh spring color into the house before spring does is, force blooming with branchs.. It tricks the branchs into things its spring.  Simple!

Red Twig dog wood in our vintage glass milk jug we found under our house.

Once you choose and cut your branchs bring them indoors and placing the stem ends immediately in water. I used a old glass milk jug but anything will work.

Next you want to make sure the branchs get plenty of water the best method is to make a slit or two in the bottom of the stem before placing in the water. You can place alittle plant for in the water to help cocks the plant out, make sure you keep the water clean often.

Then place the branchs in bright, but indirect, light.

Some branchs you can use are Hawthorns, Honeysuckle shrub, Forsythia, Apple, Cherry or Peach trees and Lilacs. I Used a red twig Dogwood. Just experiment and have fun!

March 21, 2012

Small Garden Ideas
This is a great idea when you have a small garden, think vertical!
Super cute love the color the vegetable bring to the garden space!
Very modern! Love the tiles for the patio!
Classic country style would make a great court yard!
This is a beautiful home and the backyard is as equaly great. love the sitting area.

March 20, 2012

A notch in a Log.

I enjoy succulents and have a couple different varieties growing in the yard, So i was thinking of some ideas were i could use them in unique ways so here is one of them.

I found this log while going threw our fire wood pile, to think we would have burned this little gem!

I filled the opening with succulent soil
 (surprisingly stays in well) then planted the succulents and covered with moss. Easy.. 

March 19, 2012

Bohemian style.

I've been doing some research online to try and get some ideas this spring for my patio! While i was on there i noticed a large amount of bohemian styles, I think i might take some notes!
This one is both bohemian and feminine!
This one is my favorite i love all the different textiles and how they work together! I would love to spend hours in here with the sun on my face!!!
This is great! Love the plants! If only i had a sun room! Ahh in a perfect world!!
This one just has a hint of bohemian with out completely committing to the bohemian look! Love the view!

March 16, 2012

Woo Hooo!

Party its the weekend!!!!

Hangin around...

  My latest project is my hanging succulent planters. There super easy and super cheap!
First pick the succulents you want to work with i bought mine from Home Depot they were $2.89... I think.

Next i put succulent soil in a old nylon, You don't have to do this but i didn't want the soil loose in the glass container.

After I filled the nylon i placed the succulent in there.
Next since the nylons isn't very pretty i covered it with moss.
Lastly i placed it all in the glass drops i got at the craft warehouse which i think were $ 4.89 each! Super cute and super easy! They still need to be hung by the window, but I'll post that once its done!

March 15, 2012


   So with the weather getting nice I have been thinking about what I'm going to do with my patio, what to keep what to change and while i was out there i noticed i needed a better way  of storing our firewood so I searched on line to get some inspiration. I was Surprised to find such unique options!
I need mine for outside storage but i loved this one! I could maybe figure out how to make this work for the patio...
This one is Fun and Just the right size!
I'm thinking something like this is what i might do but maybe in smaller mmultiples.

March 12, 2012

Green house.

 While looking up greenhouse I noticed a large selection of gorgeous green houses! Now mine won't quite look like these just yet but i have high hope some day...

Digging this space, I love how it feels like part of the home. I could spend all day in here!

Great idea for re-using materials that other wise would have been thrown away!
Beautiful! I Love all of the matierals in this space, clay pots, bricks and wicker baskets!

March 9, 2012


These rustic metal chairs are beautiful i love the chipping paint.

A ton of metal! These chairs are gorgeous i want them for my home!
This metal looks beautiful pair with the bright yellows!
I Love these metal filing cabinets! There perfect for this space and add a ton of storage!

March 8, 2012

On The look out!

While your out there looking for your new spring wardrobe keep a couple of there spring fashions trends in mind!
Bold Pattern-I don't usually wear a lot of bold pattern so if your like me try doing a bold top with a simple pair of pant or skirt to ween your way in!
Oranges and Tangerines- I Love these colors Oranges and Tangerines go well with every skin type! Even Pasty girls like me!
Color Blocking-Is EVERYWERE! 

Also those vibrant pants are still in for this spring so don't put those away just yet!

March 7, 2012

Spring Is around the Corner!

  Yesterday while walking around my yard i notice some thing amazing, Some of my plants are beginning to wake up and pop there little head out of the dirt and even buds on our trees!!!


Bleeding Hearts



March 6, 2012

We're Back!

We Just Got back in From Vegas!

The Beautiful New Cosmopolitan! It was my First time there and it was by far my favorite Hotel!

This was the Massive Chandler in the Lobby! Gorgeous! Picture Definitely doesn't give it justice 

The Cosmopolitan is full of Art this is a wall made with old Sewing Machines!

The Weather was Gorgeous while we were there!

I Love the Old Parts of Vegas Too!

Fun Old Neon signs on Freemont St.

Another Old Sign Off of Freemont St.