December 17, 2011

Alternative for Headboards!

If you've been Searching for the Perfect headboard for your room it might surprise you how easy it is to make or find the perfect headboard!  You can make a headboard with just about anything, here are a couple of amazing examples!

Who would have thought a bunch of random numbers and letters would make such a great headboard, you can cut out your own from re-claimed wood or find old Signs, you can even find pre-made letters at places like Urban Outfitters or any old  craft stores.

Even if your not a painter you can have a headboard like this, this is a Simple wall decal places behind the bed , the best part is if you have a problem with commitment its super easy to change out!

I re-used a old large wooden window found in my fiance's grandma's shed!! I Just fastened it to the wall. Because its simple and white i can change out the bedding with the seasons and it goes with everything! if you don't want to go to shabby chic pair it with modern accessories!

This headboard was made from a recycled pallet which you can find anywhere and everywhere!

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