December 20, 2011

Living Walls!

Living walls are a great way to garden even if you don't have alot of space or even  a ugly shed to cover! you can grow anything from house plants, grasses even  herbs in your living wall.

This is a Living Wall I saw this Fall in San Diego at the Pearl Hotel, It An amazing vintage Mid Century-Modern Boutique Hotel. Great place to Stay if your ever in that area!

Another example of an Amazing Use of a Living  wall is a herb garden in your kitchen, Not only is it useful its Beautiful! And you'll have herbs all year round!!

This is a picture of my re-claimed pallet mini chicken coop( we only have 2 Chickens) Its kind of hard to tell but its the begins of a living roof, Living roofs are great insulators!

Heres some Plants used for the Living roof Chicks and hens and Jumping Jenny's there spreading plants so they should cover the roof quickly.

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