January 31, 2012

Style your home.

If your having a hard time coming up with a style for your home look no further then your closet, Your style of clothing reflects your personality and so should your home!!

 Country Style
 If you Clothes reflect a little country try using paint colors found in nature and bring that nature inside with raw woods and plants, Country style doesn't have to be paisley and cow boy hats!

Now if you love wearing dresses and are ultra feminine try using calming colors like pastels and whites, fresh flowers and plush furniture and fabrics.
Ok.. so if your eclectic try using a mixture of new and old and brights and neutrals.. Just try not to over do just one thing! If your going to Use a bright paint color try using a neutral couch!


January 30, 2012

Happy Hens!

  How to Keep Hens Happy even in the winter!
Our Happy Hens Betty and Lavanta!

Lighting: Its not some thing you have to do but it does  keep them happy a regular 60-watt light will work just fine!

Heated Water: During the winter months you want to make sure you chickens have plenty of water! In the winter months it is a little more difficult to keep the water from freezing you can by water heaters from your local feed stores.

Roosting: Chickens love to roost so make sure your chickens have plenty of warm dry places to roost.

Plenty of Litter: Make sure you Chicken have a thick layer of litter. you can use anything from wood, stray and we even use a mixture of leaves. It Should be about 8-10 inches thick.

Check Coop: Make sure to check the coop for any holes or drafts. Make sure to keep some ventilation to the coop though.

Add Insulation: It can be anything from foam insulation to cardboard!

January 27, 2012

Amazing Front doors!

   If your looking for a cheap and easy way to spruce up the exterior of your home try painting your front door a bright and cheery color!

 I Love this Orange door with the grey painted brick!
Don't you wanna go inside!

This lime green door is pretty AMAZING! I really love it with the dark back wall!
 I bet you'll have the only house on the block with a lime green door!

January 24, 2012

We're back!

        I of Course didn't take as many pictures as i should have this year but here are a couple!

One of the days we were there it snowed from morning until night, it was beautiful !

Heres a Picture of half of main street! Its a beautiful town!

January 19, 2012


I'm Off to the Sundance film festival so.. I  wont be posting for the next couple of days, I'll bring back plenty of pictures though!

This is a picture i took a couple years ago of one of the theatres. Theres a bunch of these little theatres scattered all over park city for the 10 day event!!

January 18, 2012

Winter Intrest in your Garden

   Its our first real snow of the year and its Gorgeous!!! It also got me thinking about winter interest gardens and thought i would show you some examples in my own garden. Its Important to keep in mind not only what your garden will look like in the spring and summer but also in the fall and winter, you want to have a all season garden. Now all your Plants don't have to be winter interest plants but its good to have a good balance so you can enjoy your garden all your long.  
Somethings to think about when choosing a winter garden is the plants bark, what will the plant look like once all there leaves are gone, Here's an example of a red twig dogwood! They have a bright red beautiful bark!

Another thing to think about is ever greens, these boxwood's are a perfect example . Another option is fountain grass,its gives your garden a beautiful golden color!  

These are our Red Tip Photinias, there beautiful all year round. in the spring new growth is bright red with white berrys, best of all it  keeps its beautiful leaves all year round!!!

January 17, 2012

Another Project!

Another Project! (As if we didn't have enough already)!!!

This is Currently what our 1950's Metzendorf Travel Trailer looks like.. When we bought the trailer it was completely Gutted, Which i am ok with now i can start from scratch!


Now this is what i want it to look like!  I love how Chic it is! It definitely doesn't look like your typical travel trailer! Its amazing!! I have high hopes!

January 16, 2012


Warm BBQ Chicken Salad!

   I'm Not that great of a cook so if i can make some thing that taste great and is easy i'm all for it! I've made this a couple times and its great! I had some left over BBQ chicken, green onion and corn so i put then in egg rolls and baked them, haven't tried it yet! so we will see,  I just hate to let any ounce of food go to waist!

2 Cups Shredded Chicken
1/2 Cup Corn
6 oz Bacon cooked and chopped
1/2 bag lettuce
2 Roma tomatoes chopped
1/4 cup green onions
1 cup shredded cheddar
1 cup BBQ Sauce

Combine 2/3 cup BBQ sauce with the shredded chicken.
Toss together corn bacon lettuce tomatoes and green onion. Divide on to serving plates and top with the warm BBQ chicken then sprinkle on the cheese. serve with the remaining BBQ sauce. and enjoy!

January 13, 2012


My Spare Room / Office / Yoga Room is a work in progress but i thought i would share how its going so far ! I tried to Eliminate a lot of un-needed things from the space, Its a pretty small room that needs to be used for multiple things so I'm trying to keep it very minimal!

Before- The white on the walls is from shelves that use to be there.

After- Still working on the hard wood floors!


After- I chose to use grey its a good change from the basic neutrals of white and beige.

Before-The key to this area was de-clutter! The goodwill is going to be happy with us!


The room is still not quite there but its on its way!

January 12, 2012

Fashion Quick!

   So I'm going to the eye doctors soon! I was thinking about getting something like these.. This girl looks amazing in them!!!

@nowandthen.tumblr.com ( alot of amazing images there)


   Here is a really simple wreath i made from an empty coffee bean sack! All you need is a foam wreath, an empty coffee or potato sakes or even just plain burlap and a hot glue gun.. First you just cut strip out of which ever material you choice and wrap it around the foam wreath and secure with the hot glue and done!

 Depending on the season you can add flowers for spring and summer or leave in the fall, I was even thinking of adding some succulents to mine....or even just leave it natural!

January 11, 2012

Shelving Ideas

I'm working on the spare room / office and i have a ton of books that i need to store, So I needed a little inspiration! The great thing about books are they are beautiful so you don't need alot of art!

I Love how they used this small space to store books. It Brings a lot of color to this small space!

This is the perfect place for all these book the window brings in a lot of sunlight! I wanna read here!
@ Martha Stewart Living

I Like the use of gray paint on the back of the shelves, It makes the objects pop and mimics the colors in the rug it brings your eyes up!
@ mylittlehappyplace.blogspot.com

I like the open rustic shelving!
@ Country Living

January 10, 2012


I'm Working on the spare room / office this week I should have pictures soon!

Fashion Quick!

A fun Fashion Quick I love this outfit, Jessica Sarah Parker always looks amazing! and these tights are the perfect pop of color!!!


In November I Visited San Diego Were I ran into some pretty Amazing Succulent, the succulents alone made me want to pack up my junk and mover there! But Even here we can grow some varieties of succulents, like chicks and hens!

A Large Succulent soaking up the sun in San Diego!

I Want to Make one of these and just hope it stays alive! If you can't find many succulent varieties at your local nursery  believe it or not you can buy succulents online, try simplysucculents.com

                   Her is one of my friendly Little Succulents. I Put it in one of my vintage pot finds.
he Seems happy!

January 6, 2012

Old house.

  So This spring one of my good friends offered to help paint the outside of our house, Hopefully she Still remembers!!! The house was built in 1930 and needs a bit of a face lift, So my Idea is a Grey house with Chunky White molding and our door is already yellow and i love is so i think we will keep it!  Now the Question is White or Black  Shutters???

This isn't Our Home ( I wish) But This is the type of grey i want, we cant go to dark the house is pretty small!

I even like this Grey, But Mainly i love the yellow Door!

January 3, 2012

Wall Arrangments

 So Last Night I Took Down all of the art in my living room because well I'm Tired of it and I need some Ideas on what to do with those empty walls! I found a couple of Ideas... First Problem i Have is I Have a very Small Home so I'll have to Down scale all of them...

I Love how Nothing really Stands out it all Is Different but works together!

I Like the monochromatic Color Scheme here!

LOVE this one, I would Probably do my dogs though!

This one is really Fun!