December 30, 2011

Crochet..for beginners!

 So last night One of my dear friends Betty took the time to teach me how to crochet, And Trust me it took some time! Don't look to Close you might find some mistakes!! I Haven't Crochet since my 7th grade home economics Classs!

This Picture makes it look blue but its really grey!! Its going to be a infinity scarf... Fingers crossed!

December 29, 2011

Pallets the Magic Junk the more you have the more you can build !!

    Who would have guessed those huge piles of junky pallets could be so useful and beautiful  !! 

What a Cheap Kitchen Island, I think its just as beautiful as ones you can find in stores but unique and less expensive!!

Now this is Amazing!

I Love this for a kids room, Kids trash everything so way pay big money!!!
 You can even use the small spaces on the bottom for even more storage!

This is Some thing i want to do in my own home.. someday...

One of the things this summer we reused old pallets for was a chicken coop they seem pretty happy with it! ( you can see it on the Living wall post)

December 28, 2011

January Garden to do's:

  With January right around the corner its Time to make sure a few of those gardening to do's are done before it gets even colder!!!
   ( Here were Zone 4-7)

Feed those Birds:
    With there being few plants to chose from this time of yearthey need all the help they can get!

     Make sure to Mulch those things you want to come back next spring like Asparagus and rhubarb!

Clean Up:
   Remove any dead or injured or even over dense branches for trees and shrubs!

     Now that those tools wont be being used they needs to be stored, Be sure to remove any dirt left behind and store in a cool,dry place. You can even Rub a little linseed oil on before storing! 

And last of all Start planning that spring garden, I know i am!  

December 27, 2011

New Years..

Now that Christmas is over, Sadly... It 's time to start thinking about that new years party!!!

I love this dress, New Years Eve is the perfect day to wear a sparkly dress!

 Alright so  If your not into a huge sparkle dress, I love this pant outfit with the cropped Sparkle Blazer it has just the right amount of sparkle!

   Now if you throwing the party, I Love this cluster of clear Christmas ornaments, you can get them super cheap since its after Christmas and it looks beautiful it reminds me of a bottle of champagne!

    Another great and Simple Party Idea is to Use or Spray Paint Vases White or any other Festive color and find branchs outside or even part of that Christmas tree your not using anymore and add some sparkle to them!! I think that best think to do with a New Years eve party is Stick to a couple of colors Maybe black and white or White and Blue.. You don't want to go overboard, Or maybe you do it is New Years Eve!

December 23, 2011

Kitchen tile Ideas...

   Were thinking of re-doing our kitchen, so  i was looking  up some tiles ideas for the backsplash and found some pretty amazing tiles I thought I would share with you, theres some many amazing ones out there it was hard to chose just a couple!!

 I love how even the tiles aren't perfect!

This Kitchen looks so clean and Crisp, I think I'm leaning towards marble subway tiles, it would go with any decor.

This are amazing!

I really Love these tiles they bring in amazing color and texture!

December 22, 2011

Keepin it Organized

Whether you live in a Small house or a big house its always hard to keep organized or even come up with ideas to keep organized! Here are couple of amazing Organized rooms, that i think might help or maybe just organized envy!

                      The white shelves make it clean and also makes it easier to find things!

Now this is amazing But i wonder how long it stays looking this great, I know it wouldn't in my house.

I'm a fan of the botcher block on top of the washer and drier, perfect place to fold! The Windows bring in some much light 

Perfect Example from my friend at for a sewing room!!

December 21, 2011

Christmas First Impression

 If your hosting a holiday gathering one place you  want to make sure you don't forget is your front door, Its the First thing your guest see and you want them to get that warm and cozy holiday feeling the second they pull up to your house!! 

You don't have to go this extreme, but it is pretty amazing! I wish we got snow like this!

 If you wanna do some thing a little different try the 3 wreaths instead of just one, Imagine those lanterns all lite up at night. Beautiful!

love this doorway its simple and earthy!

December 20, 2011

Living Walls!

Living walls are a great way to garden even if you don't have alot of space or even  a ugly shed to cover! you can grow anything from house plants, grasses even  herbs in your living wall.

This is a Living Wall I saw this Fall in San Diego at the Pearl Hotel, It An amazing vintage Mid Century-Modern Boutique Hotel. Great place to Stay if your ever in that area!

Another example of an Amazing Use of a Living  wall is a herb garden in your kitchen, Not only is it useful its Beautiful! And you'll have herbs all year round!!

This is a picture of my re-claimed pallet mini chicken coop( we only have 2 Chickens) Its kind of hard to tell but its the begins of a living roof, Living roofs are great insulators!

Heres some Plants used for the Living roof Chicks and hens and Jumping Jenny's there spreading plants so they should cover the roof quickly.

December 19, 2011

Winter Reads!

 For All those Gardeners out there, I have the perfect winter read to get you excited about your spring garden!! I read it last fall and feel in love, Its called Garden Anywhere by Alys Fowler. Not only is it full over amazing pictures but its packed with amazing garden inforamtion! The best part is  all of her Ideas are budget and earth  friendly!!

The Cover of the book to help you find it!

She re-used Old Wine crates for herbs and veggies!

Here's a metal container used for olives she got at a local restaurant! Best of all it was free!

December 17, 2011

The Garage Cafe

  This Morning i went to a new little diner that Just recently opened in Notus with a couple of really great friends.. Its Called the Garage Cafe, they Converted a old Garage into a Little Cafe, not Only were the  people great so was the food!

The Outside of the cafe had such fun architecture and old school house lights!

The Walls were Covered in fun garage themed decor!

Alternative for Headboards!

If you've been Searching for the Perfect headboard for your room it might surprise you how easy it is to make or find the perfect headboard!  You can make a headboard with just about anything, here are a couple of amazing examples!

Who would have thought a bunch of random numbers and letters would make such a great headboard, you can cut out your own from re-claimed wood or find old Signs, you can even find pre-made letters at places like Urban Outfitters or any old  craft stores.

Even if your not a painter you can have a headboard like this, this is a Simple wall decal places behind the bed , the best part is if you have a problem with commitment its super easy to change out!

I re-used a old large wooden window found in my fiance's grandma's shed!! I Just fastened it to the wall. Because its simple and white i can change out the bedding with the seasons and it goes with everything! if you don't want to go to shabby chic pair it with modern accessories!

This headboard was made from a recycled pallet which you can find anywhere and everywhere!

December 16, 2011


So How do you Take a little Dough and make a big Impact ??? Wallpaper of course! Wallpaper has came along way its no longer your grandmas bright orange floral ( Which I would love) Or your mothers 1980's pink and black! Wallpaper can also be Super versitile It can be used in multiple applications. This is a Image of My 1970's curio Cabinet, I Just lined the back with a vintage wallpaer given to me by a friend but the best thing is she found it at a second hand store for pennys on the dollar!!!

Whales Scare me, but this Amazing whale wallpaper would be perfect for a kids room, Kids Rooms are the one places in the home its ok to go a little crazy and  this Wallpaper is perfect for that!

Another pretty great use for wallpaper is in the bathroom, Its easy to clean and can take the moisture, This Simple Detail is perfect for this small space it brings just the right amount of color and life to the room.

December 15, 2011

Keeping The Inside Alive!

No home Is complete with out a little Greenery! One Of my favorite plants are Ferns!  They Love moisture so their Happinest in places like Bathrooms and homemade Atriums like this one. ( Its Really Just a Old Fish Tank I had Turned Upside down), But look at that fern doesn't it look happy! And the most important thing about keeping your greenery alive is talking to it! Try it you'll have a happy plant and who could talk to a plant without feeling happier yourself !!

December 14, 2011

Christmas Cheer!

 So I Figure Since it is the holiday i should start my first post off with a little cheer!! There  are a couple of amazing and different takes on christmas decor to get the creative juices flowing! The best thing to do it Look around your home and see what you already  have and get creative!  Take branchs from a tree of even leaves from your evergreens and boxwoods chances are if you have it in your home you probably already like it! Enjoy
Not a Typic Christmas Pallet but Beautiful~

                                         Love the Idea of using Moss for a Christmas wreath!
Dollies you could Use New or Used or even paper Dollies, Its a Cheap and Beautiful way to decorate for the holiday!
For Details on how to make this Beautiful Dollie Wreath go to: