March 22, 2012

Force Blooming,

  A great way to bring fresh spring color into the house before spring does is, force blooming with branchs.. It tricks the branchs into things its spring.  Simple!

Red Twig dog wood in our vintage glass milk jug we found under our house.

Once you choose and cut your branchs bring them indoors and placing the stem ends immediately in water. I used a old glass milk jug but anything will work.

Next you want to make sure the branchs get plenty of water the best method is to make a slit or two in the bottom of the stem before placing in the water. You can place alittle plant for in the water to help cocks the plant out, make sure you keep the water clean often.

Then place the branchs in bright, but indirect, light.

Some branchs you can use are Hawthorns, Honeysuckle shrub, Forsythia, Apple, Cherry or Peach trees and Lilacs. I Used a red twig Dogwood. Just experiment and have fun!

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