January 18, 2012

Winter Intrest in your Garden

   Its our first real snow of the year and its Gorgeous!!! It also got me thinking about winter interest gardens and thought i would show you some examples in my own garden. Its Important to keep in mind not only what your garden will look like in the spring and summer but also in the fall and winter, you want to have a all season garden. Now all your Plants don't have to be winter interest plants but its good to have a good balance so you can enjoy your garden all your long.  
Somethings to think about when choosing a winter garden is the plants bark, what will the plant look like once all there leaves are gone, Here's an example of a red twig dogwood! They have a bright red beautiful bark!

Another thing to think about is ever greens, these boxwood's are a perfect example . Another option is fountain grass,its gives your garden a beautiful golden color!  

These are our Red Tip Photinias, there beautiful all year round. in the spring new growth is bright red with white berrys, best of all it  keeps its beautiful leaves all year round!!!

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