January 30, 2012

Happy Hens!

  How to Keep Hens Happy even in the winter!
Our Happy Hens Betty and Lavanta!

Lighting: Its not some thing you have to do but it does  keep them happy a regular 60-watt light will work just fine!

Heated Water: During the winter months you want to make sure you chickens have plenty of water! In the winter months it is a little more difficult to keep the water from freezing you can by water heaters from your local feed stores.

Roosting: Chickens love to roost so make sure your chickens have plenty of warm dry places to roost.

Plenty of Litter: Make sure you Chicken have a thick layer of litter. you can use anything from wood, stray and we even use a mixture of leaves. It Should be about 8-10 inches thick.

Check Coop: Make sure to check the coop for any holes or drafts. Make sure to keep some ventilation to the coop though.

Add Insulation: It can be anything from foam insulation to cardboard!

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